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Make it count:

We see an India where every young person can see and understand themselves in the world. With tonnes of opportunities in our network, we enable you to discover and activate your potential. Transform yourself with life changing experiences with activities that will redefine the way you see yourself, and the world. Pareewartann enables you to build confidence, develop new skills and gain a more holistic view of the world. It isn’t the typical volunteering program, but an experience that will redefine your understanding of the world around you.

Why to volunteer with Pareewartann Charitable Trust?:

Personal Development
Whether you have getting a job first time, stepping out of your comfort zone might sound uncomfortable to start with, but the reward of reflecting on yourself in a completely different environment is beyond worthwhile. In many occasions, you will find yourself confronted with unexpected challenges, and how you will react to those will help define who you are. More importantly, such an intensive experience can help you to figure out your real passion in life.

1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses
2. Become solution driven
3. Discover your bigger purpose
4. Professional Development

With your daily volunteering activities centred on a project, you will learn how to manage a project. From promoting an event to organise, every aspect of your program will help you become a better implementer. The trust is for the aspirants of age group 18 to 22. Enhance your college education with practical and professional experiences. Applicants should be willing to commit a minimum period of 12 cumulative weeks towards such opportunities.

Enabling own self across India to connect with a global network of talent:

Pareewartann Charitable Trust offers you a chance to experience a broad range of roles like being a teacher, cultural activist, social worker, project developer, or a community facilitator. We don’t just drop you off at the destination but support you throughout your journey. Hence we ensure that you will have a rewarding experience with us & get to learn a lot through practical involvement.

Field of issues you will volunteer:

Orator opportunities:
We’re jubilant to provide a platform to eloquent young people to speak at anywhere, in front of different communities; the youth perspective is welcome, or to engage in the awareness program.
Working as a primary teacher and with local community members to achieve greater levels of literacy. Use your skills to help poor children to make them educate.
Eradicating poverty:
Supporting skills development and planning / capacity-building to help deprived masses grow and trade their way out of poverty.
Work with the locals to improve sanitation and health, to reduce diseases.
Human rights:
Bring facilitation and business skills to deprived masses around the world to help advance equality and understanding.

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