The Chronicle Journey

The seed was sown in 2014 in Rajkot and with the guiding vision of the founders, in Rajkot region founded Pareewartann Charitable Trust. Before the formation of the trust, these founders–cum–friends were working on Visionary of India (VOI). VOI was primarily a group of local people working on awareness on rules and regulations and allied issues in the Saurashtra region. A strong understanding of the society, desire to learn and a committed human capital created a solid basis for the organisation to blossom.

The organisation was founded in 2014 with an objective of developing pragmatic solutions to the problems of the local deprived sections of the society. Within the one year of commencement, the fruitful outcomes of the trust had crossed the small areas of Rajkot to reach a small village called Manavadar. Very quickly it was understood that to ensure a healthy performance; the soil's fertility needed to increase, and thus the group started investing in the research department at an early stage. Research relating to indigenous identifying and adapting methods to suit local needs, lowering the illiteracy of deprived masses of society came into existence. Thus, began the journey from 'Performance for Purpose' to 'change for a better future'.

All our work is directed towards ensuring progressive realisation of human responsibilities to the entire marginal sections of the society. Never before any charitable trust have witnessed such stupendous response to an initial public offering for the revolutionary work as was seen during the Pareewartann Charitable Trust initial public offering.

The desire was strong – to be recognised as a leader in the revolutionary organisations; the intent was clear – to be a responsible, ethical team; the commitments were firm – adding value to strengthen female citizen leadership, the livelihood of the deprived sections and volunteers. As a result, the growth was exponential. Our approach emphasises promotion, protection, and restoration of human rights at the level of the individual and the collectives. Our strategy is by seven core values:

Environmental Sustainability
Gender Justice
Social Justice

Initial years of Pareewartann have been entirely devoted to the interventions for the awareness of rules and regulations. A constructive approach was developed instead of sheer resistance to the awareness program, accepting the scenario of the law abiding issues, the concept of responsible citizen was worked out. This concept was by the fact that socio–economic development encompasses the local people who are important stakeholders.

With maximum ground level contacts and around 250+ volunteers are the figures that speak volumes as the organisation continues to blossom with fruits as growing social transformation, conserving healthy traditions, breaking harmful customs, and application of science and technology.

The participatory planning with the other organisation to create a combined entity for 'end-to-end livelihood solutions'. Connections with the people of various regions across Gujarat, awareness programs which are developed and successfully facilitated by the organisation for revolutionising the actual field intervention of female with the handholding support in Rajkot are the initiatives. Educating the deprived masses by public meetings and providing authentic clinical information are also the recent efforts that would only further be the shades of the organisation.